Introducing our student partners for Semester 2, 2022

UQ Library is involved in three exciting Student-Staff Partnerships across Semester 2, 2022. These projects are a great way for students and staff to work together to improve the student experience. 

The projects 

Advocating for open textbooks at UQ  

Bringing unique skills and experiences to the project, student partners:  

  • Lara Drysdale (Criminology & Criminal Justice)  
  • Danny Theodorou (Speech Pathology) 
  • Prachi Rehan (Psychology)  

are working with Library staff to understand the role of open textbooks and advocate for their greater use by the UQ academic community.  

Open textbooks are free, online resources published under an open copyright license. Students can share, adapt, download, and print these textbooks at no cost. 

Access to required learning resources is fundamental to positive learning experiences and educational success. We believe that a student’s education should not be hindered by financial, geographical, or socio-economic barriers. Promoting open-access textbooks at UQ is a key way to reduce these barriers and to create equal educational opportunities for all students! (Lara, Danny and Prachi) 

Using surveys and interviews, Lara, Danny, and Prachi will seek to understand what UQ students and staff think about open textbooks and gauge the positive impact these resources could have at UQ. 

Redevelopment of Digital Essentials modules 

Communicate and collaborate online  

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed how we communicate with each other, and led to the introduction of new technologies and norms in higher education in Australia. 

Student partners:  

  • Jess Laven (Bachelor of Communication/Journalism)  
  • Isha Dhuri (Bachelor of Engineering (Civil)/Business Management (International Business))  
  • Kathleen Tan (Bachelor of Engineering (Honours)/Master of Engineering)  

will work with Library staff to update and redevelop the existing Communicate and Collaborate Online module.  

This module is part of the Library’s Digital Essentials modules, which  help students develop the digital and information literacy skills they need to succeed.   

Through COVID, we have learnt the importance of collaborating with others over various communication platforms. However, with this comes a need to learn how to do this respectfully and effectively. (Kathleen, Isha and Jess)

Social media  

Student partners:  

  • Carmen Gabrielle (Business Management) 
  • Nghia Chi Luong (Chemistry) 
  • ZheZheng Xin (Science/Commerce) 

understand the importance of social media in students' university experience and social and professional lives.  

They are working closely with Library staff to update and improve an existing module called Social Media, which is also part of Digital Essentials.   

By combining data insights and group discussions, we strive to educate the current student cohort on how they can improve their digital awareness as well as its relevant implications. We aim to raise awareness regarding cyber safety, data protection as well as the optimal use of social media to promote oneself. We hope that this improved module will assist our fellow students in preparing for their future career and remind them to be cautious of their digital footprint. (Carmen, Chi and Zheng) 

All three projects will finish in October.

Student-Staff partnership opportunities 

Thank you all our student partners for getting involved and helping us to improve the student experience. 

Students can visit the Student-Staff  Partnerships website to find opportunities to use skills learned in your courses and to gain valuable work experience. 

Last updated:
14 September 2023