Help us explore human-technology relationships

A UQ School of Education research project is looking for 25 students to participate in a study looking at how young people use technology to find and assess information online. 

This study is open to UQ undergraduate students only. Every participant will receive a $100 gift card.

About the research project

Technology has become a key tool for helping us in both our studies and everyday life. This project will explore how technology helps us engage with information online.

The project is especially interested in the usefulness of technology in helping students to do their research assignments, and how it helps us to know what’s going on in the world (the human-technology relationship).

What will you receive for participating

You will receive a $100 gift card for your time. You will get to select either a Westfield gift card or a Myer gift card. This will be sent to your UQ student email account upon completion of your participation in the project.

What your participation will involve

If you choose to be involved in the research project, you will be asked to participate in two ways.

1 Complete two small online tasks (time commitment: approximately 1 hour)

This will involve recording your computer or tablet screen (just the screen, not yourself) as you search for some information online.

  • You can do these tasks wherever you feel most comfortable e.g. at home. 
  • You will use your own device.
  • You will be provided with access to online secure cloud storage so you can upload the two screen recordings as soon as you’ve completed them. The cloud storage will be password protected, and only staff on the project will have access to the recording.

2 Individual interview (time commitment: 30-45 minutes)

After you’ve completed your two screen recording videos, you’ll be invited to participate in an interview conducted over Zoom to answer some questions about your use of technology in the two tasks. This interview will be recorded.

How your confidentiality will be protected

Information will be treated with confidentiality. All data collected as part of this project will be stored on UQ’s Research Data Manager (RDM) cloud storage, which is password protected. Only staff who are members of the project team will be able to access the data. 

To protect the identity of participants, pseudonyms will be used in any materials generated from the findings of this project (like journal articles, reports, conference presentations and teaching materials).

Aim of the research project

This research project will help anyone who teaches to better understand the way technology mediates the way students access information online. By understanding this, we can modify our teaching resources accordingly. 

How to participate

If you would like to participate in this research project, please email Dr Christina Gowlett, Senior Lecturer, UQ School of Education, at

Last updated:
22 March 2021