UQ Staff Digital Experience Survey

Help us understand digital practices at UQ and design services that support you and the teaching you deliver or support by completing the UQ Staff Digital Experience Survey. 

Aim of the survey

The UQ Staff Digital Experience Survey will help us understand how digital technologies influence your approach to teaching or support for teaching and determine the support that is needed to integrate digital technologies into teaching across the University. The survey is intended to capture responses from teaching staff, and staff that support teaching.

The survey will complement learnings from the 2018 UQ Student Technology Survey, which provided data about our students’ digital experiences at University and the role technology plays in their learning. Almost 10,000 students responded to the survey. Most of these students felt that digital technologies make learning more enjoyable and the digital capabilities they develop during their time at UQ are important for their future career.  

Now we are seeking to better understand the staff experience and design services that support you and the teaching you deliver. We are using the Jisc teaching staff insights survey for this survey.

Answering the survey questions

Any questions that refer to a teaching activity or being in the classroom should also be considered as referring to support roles. Answer any questions as you would for your role, or if there are some questions that don’t apply please leave them blank or select ‘neutral’ as appropriate. The last two questions ask you to select the area you work in and your role. This will allow us to separate the data out into staff in front facing teaching roles, and teaching support staff so we can gain clearer insights into what is happening at UQ.


All data collected in the survey is anonymous and the results will be collated rather than examined individually. 

Survey period 

The survey was open from Monday 18 November to Tuesday 3 December 2019.

More information

Visit Jisc Teaching Staff Insights for more information about the survey. 

If you have any questions about the survey please contact Kathleen Smeaton, Associate Director, Digital Scholars Hub, Library.

Last updated:
5 December 2019