UQ eSpace Open Access keyword map

Explore Open Access publications

Our Keyword Map was designed to help you visualise and explore keywords of Open Access publications in UQ eSpace. The map was available during Open Access Week 2019. 

Developed as an experiment to find new ways of working with the Library’s data and to create innovative ways to explore the resources we have available, the map used a subset of data to show the top 25 related keywords of Open Access publications in eSpace.

Keywords in UQ eSpace are primarily assigned by library staff and sometimes by students/academic staff. They are an organic and uncontrolled vocabulary of terms that represent the content of the article and indicate its field and sub-field.

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Watch our demonstration

The video demonstrates some of the functionality of the keyword map including:

  • Search for a keyword and view related keywords
  • Use the mouse wheel to zoom in and out
  • Click and drag the background to move around
  • Click and drag the nodes to move them around
  • Follow the link to UQ eSpace to see and read associated publications.

About the UQ eSpace data

The data for the map was captured on 17 September 2019. Some data was excluded for the purposes of this experiment. For example, keywords less than 3 and more than 21 characters and keywords with less than 5 connections to other keywords.

Last updated:
13 April 2021