New spaces in Central Library open Monday 2 September 2019

New spaces on levels one and two of Central Library open at 8am, Monday 2 September 2019. We welcome you, our students, staff and community, to use and enjoy the new spaces and thank you for your patience while they were being upgraded.

Access the new spaces

We can't wait to open the doors! Entries will open at 8am sharp. This includes:

  • New entries
    • Level one from Duhig Place and the Duhig Laneway.
    • Level two from the path between Forgan Smith building and Central Library.
  • Internal entries from level one and off the staircase on level two.

24/7 access for students and staff

From Monday 2 September, the spaces are available:

  • 24/7 for students and staff with your UQ ID card
  • 7am-10pm Monday to Friday and 7am-6pm Saturday and Sunday for visitors in line with regular building hours.

600+ study spaces

Levels one and two are full of comfortable individual and group spaces. The spaces are open and inviting with lots of natural light.

Social Sciences and Humanities Library.

See more features and photos of the new space.

Level one

The new area on level one of Central Library is built around a striking purple stairway and contains:

  • the High-Use and Requested Items section
  • book returns 
  • a new training room
  • individual and group study spaces.

A new cafe is coming soon!

Floor plan, level 1, Central Library.
Floor plan of level one, Central Library. 
At the time of writing, the AskUs service point is in a temporary location while the service point space is renovated.

Level two

Level two contains:

  • a range of Individual and group study spaces
  • Bookable rooms including:
    • 6 meeting rooms
    • a new presentation room
  • a large accessible kitchenette with fridge, microwaves and hot and cold water.
Floor plan, level 2, Central Library
Floor plan of level two, Central Library.

AskUs will have a pop-up service point on level two

AskUs will have a pop-up service point on level two of Central Library for the next few weeks to help you settle into the new spaces. Visit us, near the level two entry, 10am-4pm on weekdays.

The pop-up AskUs service point on level two of Central Library.

Borrow learning resources or collect requests 

Learning resources (required and recommended readings) and requested items will be available from the new and expanded High-Use and Requested Items section on level one. The space will be available 24/7 to students and staff and it contains:

  • Learning resources (high-use items)
  • Requested items for pickup
  • Accessible shelving for more convenient access
  • Self-service loan machines
  • Automatic return shelves
  • Multifunction printers
  • 70 individual study desks.

The High-Use and Requested Items section will move between 8-11am on Monday 2 September

We will move the books and equipment into the new section between 8-11am on Monday morning. 

  • Items may be unavailable during the move. 
  • From 8am, return your loans in the new High-Use section on the automatic return shelves.

Once the move is complete, builders will remove the glass door to that section so the space is more open. 

Where to return your loans

Return your loans using the automatic return shelves in the High-Use and Requested Items section of level one. Your items will be checked in immediately and you will receive a confirmation email.

A Book Machine is coming soon

We are calibrating and testing our new Book Machine for sorting items returning from loan. Once it is ready you will be able to return:

  • general loans by returning them using the Book Machine. You can then watch them be sorted into different trolleys for return to various libraries or the Warehouse.
  • high-use loans by placing them on the automatic return shelves in the High-Use and Requested Items section. 
Automatic return shelves, High-Use and Requested Items section, level one, Central Library.
Automatic return shelves. Place your loans on the shelf. They will be automatically checked in.

Other changes coming soon

  • A new cafe is coming soon to level one. Stay tuned for more information about this.
  • The newly renovated AskUs service point will open around mid-October.
  • More furniture is coming to level one, including for the training room and area below the Purple Stairway.

Help us share these great new spaces

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Do you like the space? Let us know

We'd love to know what you think of the new spaces and welcome your feedback. You can:

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9 September 2019