Low light study space, level 3, Dorothy Hill Engineering and Sciences Library

We have reduced overhead lighting in parts of level three, Dorothy Hill Engineering and Sciences Library to create more low light study spaces.

This change follows the successful low light study space trial in the Biological Sciences Library. 

Low light areas on level three

There will be two low light spaces covering:

  1. 70 x individual study desks 
  2. one of the lounge areas 
Low light space over library computers and individual study spaces.
Low light study space over 70 individual study spaces, including library computers. Each space has a desk lamp with adjustable lighting options.
Low light study space over lounge area.
Low light study space over one of the lounge areas. The space is lit by floor lamps.

Adjust light levels

Use the desk lamps provided to adjust the amount of light at your study space. The lamps have 3 light settings.

About low light spaces

Low light spaces:

  • provide accessible study space for people with light sensitivity
  • cater to students who find our spaces too bright, particularly when using laptops and tablets.

Tell us what you think

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Last updated:
26 August 2019