Changes to 3D printing and modelling services

We are making changes to our 3D services. Our 3D printing service has ceased. However, we will continue to develop our 3D modelling training and resources for students and staff. 

Our 3D printing service ceased on 19 July

3D printing will continue to be available at St Lucia campus. We're excited about the upsized 3D printing service available at the UQ Innovate makerspace from July. You will be able to:

  • request 3D prints online 
  • select from a range of materials and sizes.

New 3D modelling training and resources

We offer training in 3D modelling during semester teaching periods that will teach you to:

  • create 3D models in a variety of ways, including using your smartphone
  • edit and share your model online or through 3D printing.

The schedule for Semester 2, 2019 is in development. Check our training page for updates.

UQ teachers - if you would like us to run training in one of your courses, email to request training and discuss your requirements.

3D modelling resources

We have information for creating 3D models for your assignments or research:

Last updated:
22 July 2019