Low light study space, level 4, Biological Sciences Library

We have reduced the overhead lighting in a section of level 4 of the Biological Sciences Library to create a low light study space. We encourage you to try the space and tell us what you think.

This space of around 30 study spots:

  • provides accessible study space for people with light sensitivity
  • caters to students who find our spaces too bright, particularly when using laptops and tablets.
Low light study spots, level 4, Biological Sciences Library.
Low light study area on level 4 Biological Sciences Library. Desk lamps are provided for your convenience.

Watch a short video walkthrough of this space on Instagram.

Adjust light levels

Use the desk lamps provided to adjust the amount of light at your study space. The lamps have 3 light settings.

What do you think of this space?

Have you used this space? We'd like to hear what you think about it. Send us feedback using our:

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Last updated:
23 July 2019