Automatic return shelves in the Dorothy Hill Engineering and Sciences and Law libraries

From early 2019, we are introducing automatic return shelves in Dorothy Hill Engineering and Sciences Library and Walter Harrison Law Library. They are a quick and convenient way to return your loans. This post explains how to use them.

  • [30 Jan 2019] The external return chute at Dorothy Hill Engineering and Sciences Library has closed. Return your High-Use items on the Automatic Return Shelf in the High-Use and Requested Items section on level 2. 
  • [6 February 2019] The Automatic Return Shelf in the Walter Harrison Library is running. The shelf is located near the AskUs desk on Level 2.
Automatic return shelf with screen.
Automatic Return Shelf and adjacent display screen.
The bookshelf is black and white with shelves divided into numbered bays. 
The display screen will confirm items as you return them. 

How to return your loans

  1. Place your items on the return shelf. Items will be checked in immediately.
  2. We'll confirm your returns on the screen beside the shelf. You will also receive a confirmation email.

You can use any of the numbered bays. The numbers are used by library staff to find items. 

Visit our Instagram for a short (6 second) video on returning your loans.

Display screen showing titles recently returned on the Automatic Return Shelf.
Display screen confirming loaned items recently returned on the Automatic Return Shelf.

Shelf locations & where to return items

We ask that you return your items to the library where you borrowed them. This helps us return the items to the shelves sooner. See how to borrow for more information.

Automatic return shelves are located in:

We also plan to install these shelves in the refurbished Central Library in mid-2019.

Tell us what you think

We hope you find these shelves futuristic and fun! If you have any feedback for us on the automatic return shelves, you can use our:

Other ways to contact us.


Last updated:
6 August 2019