UQ Library Search news - September 2018

Recent updates to UQ Library Search mean that you will be able to look through results quicker and do more with your account. 

View a set of results more quickly with new navigation

The full details screen appears when you click one of your search results. It gives you all the item information, including the abstract, subjects, table of contents and more. 

Use the Next result and Previous result navigation buttons on the left to go to the detailed view of the next or previous search result.

Full details of a search result in UQ Library Search. Use the Next result and Previous result buttons to navigate through search results.

Account improvements

Improvements to the UQ Library Search menu and My Account area mean that it's now easier to work with items you have loaned or requested. Always log in for the best results.

Log in with one click

The account menu has been redesigned, so it's easier to log in and access your account with fewer clicks, including your:

  • My loans
  • My requests
  • Saved items
  • Search history 

Your Saved items and Search history will be kept until the end of your session if you don't log in. Once you login, they are saved until you delete them.

Click the Login button to sign in to your account.

The UQ Library Search account menu before you have logged in.

After logging in, click on your name for account options.

Your account menu after you have logged in. Access your loans, requests, saved items and search history quickly.

Access item details and export citations from your loans and requests

Item details

Click the linked item title in your loans or requests to find that item in UQ Library Search. 

Get citations

Export citations for items to EndNote and EndNote Web (RIS) or Bibtex.

  1. Click the Loans or Requests links in the My Account area
  2. Use the checkboxes to select items to export
  3. Click the "Export to actions" button (...)
  4. Select an export format
  5. Click Download
A user's borrowing history in the Loans section of My account in UQ Library Search. Select items to export citations.

Other useful features of UQ Library Search

Get the most out of UQ Library Search by learning to use more of its features in your research:

  • Save items for later
  • Set search alerts
  • Filter and refine your results more effectively

Tell us about your search experience

How is UQ Library Searching working for you? We welcome your feedback. You can:


Last updated:
19 September 2018