Book Dispensing Machine retired

On 25 June, we retired the Book Dispensing Machine in the Biological Sciences Library. Learning resources (required and recommended course readings) held by the machine are available 24/7 from the Social Sciences and Humanities Library.

Access learning resources 24/7

Learning resources are available from the High-Use and Requested Items section on Level one of the Social Sciences and Humanities Library.

  • The section is accessible 24/7. UQ ID card access is required outside of staffed hours.
  • Learning resources are available as 24-hour loans. Check items out on the self-service machines.
  • Return your learning resources to the section, check items back in on the self-service machine and place them on the Returns Shelf. This makes the items available to others immediately.
High-Use and Requested Items section.
High-Use shelves for learning resources on Level one of the Social Sciences and Humanities Library.

About the book dispensing machines

Book dispensing machines were in service in Social Sciences and Humanities Library (2011-2017) and the Biological Sciences Library (2011-2018). We used the machines to provide you with secure out-of-hours access to important parts of the collection.

When evaluating whether the machines should be replaced, we considered a range of options. We concluded that UQ ID card access enables access to more collections and facilities.

Biological Sciences Book Machine
The Book Dispensing Machine, formerly on Level one of Biological Sciences Library.


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Last updated:
4 July 2018