Access full-text with fewer clicks

Accessing the full-text of most journal articles and book chapters just got faster! You told us you want fewer clicks to access Library resources and we’re happy to deliver.

In most cases, we will now link you directly to full-text with one click, whether it’s straight from a UQ Library Search result or external databases like Google Scholar or PubMed. 

UQ Library Search

Click the Available online  link in a search result. The full-text of the article or book chapter will open in a new browser tab.

UQ Library Search result. Mouse pointer hovering over "Available online" link.

To choose a different platform or publisher from which to access the full-text, or to see the full details of an item, you can still click the title link or anywhere on the search result tile for that item.

External databases

Google Scholar

  1. Enable the View @ UQ Library link for Google Scholar.
  2. When searching, click View @ UQ Library for a Google Scholar result to go to the full-text.

Google Scholar result, mouse hovering over "View @ UQ Library" link


  1. Go to PubMed via the UQ Library. You will be asked to sign in.
  2. Click the Get it UQ Library button for a search result to go to the full-text.

PubMed article with purple Get it UQ Library button.

Tell us what you think

We made this change in response to your feedback. Thank you for helping us improve.

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Last updated:
1 May 2018