Renovations and changes, Dorothy Hill Engineering and Sciences Library

The renovations of level one and two of Dorothy Hill Engineering and Sciences Library are complete. Find out about improvements and changes to study areas, the collection and the closure of level four from July.

Level two: new study space!

We have transformed part of level two from a staff area into an open study space with:

  • 22 large tables
  • 100 seats
  • lots of natural light
  • a kitchenette with a fridge, microwave, sink and seating
  • two additional group meeting rooms (available for booking in UQ Book It)
  • new bathrooms
  • an updated High-Use items section for learning resources (course readings) next to the main entry. These items are two-hour loans.

Level two will become a 24/7 space within the next few months

Level one is no longer part of the Library. The Centre for Microscopy and Microanalysis is using the floor for a new scanning electron microscope!

Renovated Level 2 Study space with tables, chairs and Library printers.
The large and open study space is great for group work. 
Kitchenette with fridge, microwave, sink and seating.
The kitchenette is a relaxed and food-friendly space. You can store, reheat and enjoy your lunch in style!

Level three: the Engineering and Sciences collection

The Engineering and Sciences collection, from level three and four, has been combined on level three. Some less used items have moved to active storage at the Warehouse, Gatton. Request an item in Library Search to get it from the Warehouse.

Level four: staff space, construction starting in June

Level four is becoming staff space. Our timeline is:

  • April: move the books to level three and the Warehouse
  • May: remove empty shelves
  • June: available as study space
  • July: close the space and start construction

You can use level four for study as normal until the space closes. We'll update you here on our blog, on social media and on signage in the space.

Empty shelves, Level four.
Empty shelves on level four. This floor will become staff space.

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Last updated:
6 August 2019