Payments unavailable 6-9 April during UQ Payments upgrade

From 6pm on Friday 6 April to 9am on Monday 9 April, we will be unable to process any payments as part of a scheduled upgrade to the UQ Payments system.

Payments affected by the outage

During the outage, you will be unable to:

  • buy print credit
  • pay library fines
  • get or renew a membership
  • pay for a UQ thesis
  • pay invoices

How to prepare

Here are a few things you can do in advance if you’re using the Library over the weekend.

  1. Top-up your print credit before the weekend. Printing will work as normal using any existing credit in your print account but you will be unable to purchase more during the outage. If you get stuck, you can also get some print credit from a friend using the "Transfers" option in your print account.
  2. Pay fines and return late items so you can borrow. If you have $20 or more in library fines or a late loan you need to return, your account may be blocked from borrowing.
  3. Get a membership before you come in. If you're a member of the community thinking of coming in to visit and would like to borrow books, get a membership online. 

Contact us if you need assistance.

Last updated:
3 April 2018