August UQ Library Search news

We've updated UQ Library Search to deliver some great new improvements, features and fixes you told us were important to you. The system also runs faster! We hope you enjoy.

Interface improvements

Faster ways to filter your results

Filters help you fine tune your results. You can now:

  • apply multiple filters at once. The page will not refresh until you click Apply.
  • lock filters so they apply to new searches in the same session

Apply multiple filters at once

  1. Mouse over a filter name. A checkbox and exclude icon will appear on the filter name
    1. To include the filter: tick the checkbox
    2. To exclude the filter: tick the checkbox and then the Exclude icon
  2. Click the Apply Filters button

Your results will refresh as filters are applied. Applied filters will be displayed in "Active Filters".


To include just one filter at a time, simply click the filter name as before.

Lock facets across multiple searches

  1. Mouse over one of your active filters. A Lock button to "make this filter persistent" will appear next to the label
  2. Click the Lock  button to make the filter persistent for new searches in the same session


  • the Unlock  button to unlock a persistent filter
  • the Close  button to remove a persistent filter
  • Reset filters to remove filters that are not locked

More about refining your search results.

More ways to get organised with My Favourites

Use My Favourites to organise your research. You can save items, search searches, create alerts and view your recent search history.

Click Go to My Favourites   to get started.

Stay up to date with RSS

If you use an RSS Reader, you can now get updates for your saved searches.

  1. Click Saved Searches in My Favourites
  2. Click the Set an RSS for this search button beside the search query

More sort options for saved items

You can now order your saved items by Title and Author, in addition to date pinned (added to favourites).

Don't forget, you can also create and apply your own labels to saved items to organise and view them by category.

New citation styles

You can quickly export a citation in the following styles:

  • APA (6th edition)
  • Chicago/Turabian (16th edition)
  • Harvard 1 New!
  • MLA (7th edition)
  • MLA (8th edition) New!

New features

Personalise your search results

You can reorder search results so they favour particular disciplines. If you're logged in your disciplines will stay set unless you turn the feature off.

  1. Click the Personalise switch. The Personalise the results box will appear
  2. Select checkboxes for up to 5 disciplines
  3. Click the Personalise It button. The results will be reordered

Click the Prefer newer material check box to favour more recent items. 

  • Click Edit disciplines to update your personalisation
  • Click Personalised to turn the feature off

Note that personalising your results only affects the order (rank) in which items are displayed. It is not a filter like the Subject term filter which will actually add/remove results to refine your list.

Alternate term suggestions for more accurate searches

From August, you may notice that your searches are sometimes expanded with additional keywords. These suggestions aim to make your searches more accurate by including equivalent words and phrases based on vocabularies like Library of Congress Subjects or Medical Subject Headings. 

For example, if you search:

  • "Heart attack", it will also include results for "myocardial infarction"
  • "ADHD", it will also include "attention deficit hyperactivity disorder" results

Click the Just search... link beside the expanded search terms to get results for your original keywords. 

Other fixes and changes

  • Chrome browser tabs. Your Chome browser tabs will no longer all refresh when you open an item in a new tab. We received a lot of feedback about this issue and are glad it is fixed.
  • UQ Library Search session. Your search session will remain active even if you close the browser tab, so long as you still have the browser open. This means you'll need to log in less often.

Tell us what you think

We appreciate your feedback, it helps us improve. If you'd like to send us feedback:

or come in and help us test new services and website features we're working on.


Last updated:
11 August 2017