Your feedback July-September 2016

Thank you to everyone who has given us feedback on library services. Most of the comments received via our online feedback form related to the following.

UQ Library Search

We received a range of feedback about the new UQ Library Search. Thank you to everyone who contacted us. It is vital for us to know the details of your experiences with our new search so we can investigate and sort out any issues. Some of the issues were systems issues that we were able to resolve quickly. Others were more complex and took a longer time to resolve. We thank you for your patience as we work through each of these.

Document delivery

Some of you reported having problems when checking out document delivery items using the auto loan machines. We looked into this and we’ve done some work to improve the process. We hope you are no longer experiencing the same problems.  

Silent keyboards and mice

We received a suggestion to incorporate silent keyboards and mice when we replace or upgrade these devices. Thank you for suggestion. We will be taking this into consideration during any upgrade to computers in our quiet areas.

Room bookings

We received a request to allow room bookings further in advance than one week. We are currently reviewing our room bookings system, including the booking parameters, to see what improvements for our clients are possible.

We also had some feedback about what to do when students book a room and don’t show up to use the room, and how might that room then be made available to other students. We are currently investigating ways to confirm room use so that we can open bookings for rooms that are not being used and make them available to other students.

Cleanliness of Social Sciences and Humanities Library

We received some feedback about the cleanliness of some of our spaces. We continue to try to ensure that our libraries are pleasant spaces for students to use, and we appreciate your assistance with this. We have conveyed your comments to the cleaning contractor for action.

Quiet study spaces

Some of you have been disrupted by other users of the Library who are using spaces inappropriately, such as being noisy in quiet areas. It is not possible for us to police the use of our study spaces, but we are looking at ways to differentiate areas with better signage. We also rely on students to do the right thing by others. If you notice this behaviour, please let the students know they are in a quiet area – they may not be aware of this – or if you need assistance, see one of our Library staff or use one of the courtesy phones to contact UQ Security out of business hours.

Continuing feedback

We welcome ongoing feedback from our users, including any ideas you have for improvements to our services. Contact us any time to provide feedback or request assistance.  

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Last updated:
17 December 2016