Publishing in a global research environment

UQ Library's Scholarly Publishing Team, Elena Danilova and Helen Woodman, held a three-hour workshop for researchers recently, to highlight some key areas of publishing in a global research environment.

Around forty early career academics and researchers from many disciplines filled eZones 1 and 2 in the Biological Sciences Library and judging by the number of questions arising, there is plenty of interest in the topic. Certainly something for us to ponder for the future!

Three sessions were covered:

  • Strategic Publishing
  • Unethical (Predatory) Publishers
  •  Promoting your work

Some of the topics discussed:

  • Open Access publishing
  • What is predatory publishing
  • UQ eSpace
  • Author Identification
  • Publishing impact: where, how and why?
  • Alternative metrics. 

Practical activities that were run between each session were well received and reinforced the concepts being raised, providing a chance to practise using UQ Library resources such as our UQ Researcher Identifiers app and major publishers’ journal selection and comparison tools.

With very positive feedback and at least one request (and possibly more yet to come!) for repeat sessions in the near future, we feel that the training was valuable and worthwhile for all. For more information on predatory publishing and open access publishing, see our library guides on Predatory publishing and Open Access.



Last updated:
29 November 2016