Your feedback April-June 2016

Thank you to everyone who has given us feedback on library services. Most of the comments received via our online feedback form related to the following: 

Appropriate use of Library spaces and computers

A number of you been disrupted by other users of the Library who are using spaces or computers inappropriately – e.g. being noisy in quiet areas, eating hot/smelly food in areas other than kitchenettes, using individual rooms as group rooms, undergraduate students using postgraduate spaces, students using computer desk space when they are not using the computer, and so on.

It is not possible for us to police the use of our study spaces, but we are looking at ways to differentiate areas with better signage. We also rely on students to do the right thing by others. If you notice these behaviours, please let the students know – they may just be unaware – or if you need assistance, see one of our Library staff or use one of the courtesy phones to contact UQ Security out of business hours.

Temperature in the Library

Thank you for letting us know when you feel it is too cold in the Library. We try to keep the temperature throughout our libraries at standard comfort levels, but we follow up on your feedback and we can request for it to be adjusted if it has varied beyond these.

Closing and re-opening procedures (Social Sciences and Humanities Library)

Those of you who use the Social Sciences and Humanities Library will know that we have to clear the library at the close of business hours before we re-open the 24/7 spaces. We realise that this interruption is inconvenient for those who want to keep studying. At the moment this is the only way we can ensure the security of our collection. We are working on our procedures to minimise the disruption and we hope to be able to eliminate this interruption in the longer term.

Elevator bell distracting

We have recently refurbished the lift in the Social Sciences and Humanities Library (Building 12). Some of you using the quiet area on Level 4 have found the bell a bit distracting. We are required to have a bell in the lift for accessibility reasons, but we will look into whether we can adjust the volume without compromising that.

Finding a quiet space in the Dorothy Hill Engineering and Sciences Library

During semester it is very busy in our libraries and we know students can find it difficult to find a place to study in the library, even after business hours. We have limited space to work with, but we have reopened Level 1 of the library as a 24/7 space, and we have increased the number of our libraries that are open 24/7.  

We are also conscious of the noise caused by day cleaning, which has been instigated across the St Lucia campus. We have requested that vital functions such as vacuuming are performed before core hours to minimise disruptions to our students. We will continue to monitor this.

Study room audit

Thank you for letting us know when you experience problems with equipment in our group study rooms. Our IT team will do an evaluation of all the equipment in the rooms and make necessary repairs. While we check equipment regularly and rely on automated reporting of major issues, we know things sometimes fail in between checks or cannot be detected by computer reports.  We will also look at the general state of the rooms.

Postgraduate lockers

Some of our postgraduate students have asked if we could provide more lockers. We will take your comments into consideration when looking at locker numbers and the allocation process. 

New UQ Library Search and My Library

In June we changed to a new version of UQ Library Search and a new My Library. Although we tried to minimise problems for our clients, there were some issues with such a large systems change. We received a number of comments relating to the new interfaces. Some problems were easily resolved, others required looking into. We are still working through some issues, but we hope your experience with the new sites has improved – or will improve soon.

Topping up print/copy credit online

In April we removed the cash machines that were available for topping up Library print/copy accounts. The machines were beyond a point where maintenance would keep them working reliably. Many of you find the online payments system convenient to use, but we have also heard from those who don’t have a personal credit card.

Pre-paid credit cards are available from a range of outlets such as Australia Post and supermarkets. Alternatively, we offer free scanning to USB or email on library machines. We hope one of these options will provide a solution for you.

Cost of thesis supply

We were told that the cost of ordering a copy of a UQ thesis was not clear on our website until you got to the request stage. Thank you for your feedback. We have now included the cost of thesis supply among the instructions that appear prior to request.

Installation of Australian Veterinary journal output style on UQ Gatton computers

We have followed up on a request to install the UQ Gatton styles (Harvard style for Gatton & Australian Veterinary Journal) to the EndNote installations on computers in the Computer Annexe 101 at UQ Gatton.

Continuing feedback

We welcome ongoing feedback from our users, including any ideas you have for improvements to our services. Contact us any time to provide feedback or request assistance.  

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Last updated:
17 December 2016