Your feedback January-March 2016

Thank you to everyone who has given us feedback on library services since January. Most of the comments received via our online feedback form related to the following: 

Postgraduate study spaces

Some of our postgraduate students queried the removal of the locks from our previously lockable desks on Level 4 of the Duhig Tower. A recent review of Library facilities showed that the lockable desks were benefiting a relatively small number of students. By removing the locks, more of our students will have access to these desks. 

We have also recently opened a new postgraduate study centre of Level 4 of Duhig North, with 17 Individual rooms, 3 group rooms and 66 single study desks, as well as a casual seating area and a nearby kitchenette. The individual and group rooms are bookable. All of these facilities are available 24 hours, 7 days a week. We hope our postgraduate students enjoy this new facility. 


Some of you commented on the noisiness of the vacuum cleaning in the mornings. All cleaning across the UQ St Lucia campus happens during the day but we have requested that vacuum cleaning in public areas finish by 8am, to reduce the impact on our students.

We also had a report of some users talking loudly on one of our quiet floors. We have guidelines about using and sharing library spaces. It would be appropriate in this case to suggest a discussion space would be more suitable for them to continue their conversation. 

Opening hours at the Dorothy Hill Engineering & Sciences Library

At the end of 2015 we reviewed the use of the library and found that very few people used it after 6pm during the week and before 12pm on weekends. However, we understand that students would like access to library space outside staffed hours. The Level 1 study space will be reopened as a 24/7 space from Tuesday 3 May. The Library also has a range of 24/7 spaces available in other locations at the St Lucia campus. 

Relocation of latest journals from the Reading Room

Some of you miss having the latest issues of print journals in the Reading Room. We understand that browsing print journals can lead to unexpected discoveries, however in order to open the Social Sciences and Humanities Library 24/7 we had to consider the safety of the collection. The unbound journals have been shelved with the rest of the journal collection on Level 2.

Users monopolizing library computers

A number of you have been frustrated by other users who are sitting at a library computer but using their own laptops. We have guidelines about using and sharing library spaces that state “if you’re not using the library computer, let another student use it”. Computers are in great demand during semester and we never have enough for everyone, and we have installed many power points in study areas to try to encourage laptop users to work elsewhere to alleviate this problem. However, it is disappointing that some users do monopolise library computer space, and we continue to look for solutions.

Website changes

We were asked about why things change on the website when some people find the site usable already. We have been working to improve our website based on results from wide-ranging research with our clients. The aim is to make things easier to find and explain our services better. We have been testing the new site with students and staff during the development process, but we always welcome feedback from our clients. We will be making further changes to the site this year and we would appreciate your input while we are working on the changes. Much more input from academics and researchers is needed, so if you are interested, please sign up. We will provide free coffee and the chance to win a gift voucher as a thank you for your time!

The new My Library

Thanks to those gave feedback and reported issues with the new My Library. We were glad to hear from you. Many bugs are now fixed, with more improvements coming soon.

The AskUs chat service

We received some positive feedback about our AskUs chat service from someone who received the help they needed, conveniently and efficiently. We appreciated the comments and passed these on to the staff member who provided the service. We value all feedback, but it is always nice to hear something positive. Thanks for taking the time to let us know!

Streaming video pages

Some of you were sorry to see that we had removed the pages on our website that displayed stream videos. These pages were not a comprehensive list of our video collection and we now have many more videos than were listed on those pages, including those available from EduTV and Alexander Street Press. In addition, it was not sustainable for us to maintain 50+ pages of video listings on the website. However, you can use UQ Library Search to find videos and we have a guide on how to find videos, to help you. 

Café queue

There is no doubt that the Merlo café near the Duhig Building is very popular and that coffee drinkers appreciate its proximity to the library. However, the lengthy queues sometimes blocked the walkway. Merlo staff have implemented a system to control the direction of the queue and provide a clearer thoroughfare.

Continuing feedback

We welcome ongoing feedback from our users, including any ideas you have for improvements to our services. Contact us any time to provide feedback or request assistance.  

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Last updated:
17 December 2016