SAGE Publishing gives power to our students

University of Queensland students can tackle their studies fully charged thanks to the support of SAGE Publishing.
SAGE Publishing sponsored a recharge station on the bottom level of the Social Sciences and Humanities Library that has a number of different adapters to charge electronic devices.

University Librarian Bob Gerrity says that students are completing the majority of their research online using a laptop and the demand for power is evident across all of our Library locations. 

 “We appreciate SAGE Publishing’s support in assisting us to bring much needed services to our students. This provides them with another avenue to access power and it can also charge a number of devices at once. We have also installed a number of additional study carrels with their own power supply in the Dorothy Hill Science and Engineering Library and the Architecture and Music Library,” Mr Gerrity said.

Bachelor of Science student Jack Proud (pictured) says that the majority of his study is done online.

“Often I’ll need to recharge my laptop or phone so having another option for when I forget my charge is really useful. We really appreciate the support from SAGE publishing and it makes our lives much easier,” Mr Proud said. 

Sage Publishing also ran a competition in 2016 asking staff or students to name three UQ researchers who have published with SAGE Publishing to win one of ten travel belts.

Last updated:
30 November 2016