2015 Fryer Library Award Winner

Each year, donations to the Fryer Library support a scholar to conduct research based on the library’s collections. The Fryer Award winner in 2015 is Dr Damien Williams, who lectures in Australian Studies at Monash University.

Damien’s project, entitled Between Roma and Rome, begins with the question of what it meant to be Catholic and modern in Queensland after the Second World War. By focusing on issues that became flashpoints in the Church during those years – such as sex, marriage, authority and technology – Damien’s work will illuminate how Catholics in Queensland adjusted to a rapidly changing world.

2015 Fryer Award Winner, Damien Williams

The Fryer Library holds a number of collections relevant to this topic. The papers of Brian Doyle, who edited the Catholic Leader between 1959 and 1981 are of special interest; so too are those of the economist Colin Clark (a member of Pope Paul VI’s Pontifical Commission on Birth Control), Bruce Dawe, Martin Haley and others.

With the exercise of power in the Church now firmly under the microscope, this project will make an important contribution in understanding the political and institutional context behind decisions that continue to affect the lives of people today.   

Damien Williams talks with Cassie Doyle about Brian Doyle's papers


Last updated:
4 January 2017