Spotlight on the collection: Brisbane City Hall

Brisbane City Hall is now open again, after three years of restoration work. The Museum of Brisbane has opened several new exhibitions on Level 3 of the building, and guided tours and rides to the top of the clock tower are once again possible.

City Hall was originally constructed between 1925 and 1930, at a cost of £1,000,000. The Fryer Library holds an album of photographs taken by Bertha Mobsby which beautifully charts the building's progress. We've compiled the photos into a short video, so you can literally watch the building grow:

Bertha Mobsby was the daughter of photographer Henry William Mobsby, and was one of Queensland's early female photographers and cinematographers. Her album is part of the Daphne Mayo Collection (UQFL119). Mayo was a sculptor who created many works art located around Brisbane, including the tympanum and concert hall frieze in Brisbane City Hall.

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Last updated:
28 June 2016