UQ Scholarly Publishing Tips - YouTube Videos

How can I deal with the process of peer review? What is open access? How has scholarly publishing changed? Hear from leading University of Queensland academics sharing their experiences of academic publishing. UQ Library's Scholarly Communication and Repository Service has interviewed academics to gain an insight into their experiences publishing research in both the Sciences and Humanities.

In a series of three videos Dr. Tamara Davis, from UQ's School of Mathematics and Physics explores some of the issues associated with the peer review process and the importance of ensuring that your article is simple to understand and that the motivation for conducting the research is clear.

Professor Tom O'Regan from UQ's School of English, Media Studies and Art History discusses his experiences of publishing in The Arts. He highlights the importance of selecting the most suitable journal for submission of an article based on a journal's style, type of debate and content and provides strategies for ensuring researchers' output is available in the public domain.

Videos of the interviews are posted on YouTube.

Last updated:
14 April 2016