Course reading list transition project

During 2024, UQ academics will publish their course reading lists in the Talis Aspire system as the Electronic Course Profile System (ECPS) is replaced by the Jac system. This project will manage the transition and provide training and support to academics. 

Project background

As part of the Curriculum End-To-End Program (CEEP) (staff login required), the University is replacing the Electronic Course Profile System (ECPS) during 2024. Future course profiles will contain information from three systems: Jac Courses, Course Instances and Talis Aspire, the course reading list system. Course coordinators will publish learning resources (course readings) using Talis Aspire, instead of confirming required and recommended readings in the ECPS. Non-reading resources will be entered onto the Course Instance systemWe aim to provide training and support to academic and professional staff to help them transition from using the ECPS for recording learning resources (course readings) to the Talis Aspire system.

Talis Aspire

The Library already uses Talis Aspire to create course reading lists and teaching staff have been able to publish their lists themselves in this system. The software is designed to assist academics in creating accurate, well organised lists, giving UQ academics greater control and oversight of their course reading lists. Through the Talis Aspire system, lists will:

  • streamline the process for publishing course reading lists and cut down on the amount of duplication across UQ systems
  • deliver improved bibliographic functionality, making it easier to update or amend reading lists 
  • provide students with greater clarity about which learning resources should be purchased
  • improve analytics to help academics make informed reviews.

Visit Publish and update your reading lists for more information.

Project outcomes

  • Guides and support material to help academics learn how to publish their course reading lists.
  • Training sessions for academics on how to publish their course reading lists using Talis Aspire.
  • Improved analytics and insights for academics on how students are utilizing their course reading lists.

Project timeline

The project will run during 2024, when all academics will use Talis Aspire to record their learning resources. The Library encourages a phased adoption of the system and invites academic and professional staff to begin using it early. Early adoption will provide time for staff to become familiar with the new system before it becomes mandatory and before they need to adopt other changes required by the discontinuation of ECPS.

Teaching periodParticipation
Summer Semester 2023Optional early adoption of Talis Aspire by academic staff.
Semester 1, 2024Optional early adoption of Talis Aspire by academic staff.
Semester 2, 2024All academic staff adopt Talis Aspire to record learning resources.  

Project partners

The Library is working with CEEP project staff, along with staff from the Institute for Teaching and Learning Innovation (ITaLI), and the Information Technology Services Division.


Thomas Palmer
Manager, Digital Learning