The Library regularly conducts research to help us understand what our clients need and evaluate how well our services work for students, staff and other Library users. Therefore, we need your voice!

What's involved?

Client research may include usability testing, focus groups, or interviews. Most sessions will run for 30 minutes to an hour, usually at St Lucia, though they can be at any campus. You may also be able participate totally online from your computer.

Gift voucher for participating

Coles Group & Myer Gift CardDepending on the activity required, participants will be thanked for their time with things like a free coffee and a chance to win a Coles-Myer gift voucher. We'll clarify when we contact you.

Privacy statement: The University of Queensland Library only requests and uses personal information for the specific purpose for which it is requested. Your personal information is treated in strict compliance with relevant privacy laws. We disclose personal information with your express consent only, or where required by law. See our Privacy Management Policy and Procedures for details.